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Giancarlo Signoretto

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We need to experience glass 100% to become one with glass to conquer and win it.

What does Master of Glass mean?

Maestro, a Master is the peak and maturity for a person working in a furnace.
There is no perfection in glass. The word Master means tending towards this perfection, a continuous stimulus and a great responsibility. On the one hand, it is the ability to help people working with you mature, and on the other it is a continuous challenge, exceeding oneself day after day.

Is there a moment when one becomes or feels they are a Master?

When we take on all responsibilities, like a pilot of an airplane. When you carry everything on your shoulders, and the world of glass is a big responsibility. It is not just about thinking about doing something, but we must also build a team. In a certain way, we are the head of a family and no one can decide except you, for better or for worse. We are masters even in understanding where the mistake was made.
More and more young people self-proclaim they are a master and it was not like this, In the past, the great expert masters decided who was worthy to take on the name. The history of the island decides its own masters.
A master knows how to suffer, knows how to be involved because the only opponent is glass