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Ermanno Nason

Ermanno Nason.The black panther.

“Ah, Glass! I haven’t done much but what I have done I did it with, and it is not easy because it moves, lives… and burns! But if you manage, you will realise at some point that it has a soul within”. E.Nason.

The smoky grey glass Panther is the result of a challenge. When he was young and working as a serventino (an apprentice), Ermanno modelled the Panther on a single piece of glass. Nobody has ever been able to sculpt glass in such an extraordinary way at that age.

“The smoky grey glass Panther is the result of a challenge. ”

Ermanno Nason was born in Murano on 21 July 1928. He learned the art of glass from his family of glassmakers and worked with his father Italo since the age of 10 years. He quit primary school to dedicate himself to glass and attended the “Abate Zanetti” school for Apprentice Glassmakers. The great Vittorio Zecchin was the professor at that time and after several experiences, Ermanno was proclaimed a master at the age of eighteen.
He worked at Mazzega I.V.R. taking part in the project by Egidio Costantini with many important artists like Marc Chagall, Oscar Kokoschka, Pablo Picasso, Renato Guttuso, Braque, Jan Arp, Max Ernst and others including Jacques Cocteau who gave the name to that experience called “La Fucina degli Angeli” (the forge of angels) in 1958.

It is unique piece and can be admired in our private collection dedicated to master Ermanno Nason with his other creations.  Book a visit at the following link